Philosophy and Literature

The Departments of Philosophy and Hebrew and Comparative Literature at the University of Haifa will collaborate on the creation of a unique and innovative program for students of philosophy and literature, the first of its kind in Israeli academia. The Program for Philosophy and Literature will offer interdisciplinary curriculum, drawing on the substantial research of participating faculty members, whose work analyzes influences, divergences and collaborations between philosophy and literature. The program aims to attract new students to the humanities; it's collaborative teaching models, tutorial sessions, research workshops, and work-in-progress thesis seminar will rejuvenate current teaching methodologies and provide students ample opportunities to develop critical thinking, analytical skills, and clear oral and written expression abilities from the very first year of their undergraduate education. The program will also offer valuable teaching experience to advanced graduate students in the humanities, who will work as instructors and teaching assistants in the program. Leading institutions, such as Stanford University and the University of Chicago already have a strong philosophy and literature track. 

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The Relationship between Philosophical and Literary Discourses
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The aim of the Program for Philosophy and Literature is to expose students to issues that are essential to texts, both literary and philosophical, that address and reflect the conditio humana. By introducing students to affinities and influences between philosophical and literary bodies of knowledge, the program will enrich their ways of thinking and provide them with a broader set of hermeneutic tools. In this respect, the Program for Philosophy and Literature wishes to go beyond the disciplinary divide that demarcates the philosophical from the literary and challenge the common understanding of philosophical thought as argumentative and rational and literary texts as personal, imaginative and appealing to the emotions. 

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